Kuvira Zine
Volume II: Not Alone

Kuvira Zine Volume II will be a collection of fanworks centered around the character Kuvira. The SFW zine that will be available as a Digital PDF and as an A5 perfect-bound book with two main sections: Kuvira In Power and Kuvira At Home.


Kuvira in Power may include Kuvira depicted as a leader in any capacity that isn’t a dictator such as:

  • Earth Queen

  • Empress

  • Bending instructor

  • Military commander

  • Business owner

  • Benevolent mob boss [Head Mod Zhi just finished Golden Wind, okay? XD]

  • Youth Outreach Coordinator

  • Special Forces Leader, etc.

Kuvira at Home, we will explore alternate universe and post-canon situations such as:

  • Kuvira if she were adopted by Lin

  • Kuvira raised by the Red Lotus

  • Kuvira reconciling with Suyin and the Metal Clan

  • Kuvira relaxing/hanging out with friends

  • Kuvira chilling on her own

  • Kuvira going on dates with Baatar, Korra, Iroh II, Mako, or whoever

  • Kuvira with children

Shipping will be allowed in the SFW zine but interactions must be mild. Snuggling is OK, but passionate groping NOT OK.

There will be a digital NSFW side-zine that may include Kuvira alone as well as Kuvira in a relationship with others. Prohibited content includes underage, incest, age-gap, non-con, dub-con, and excessive gore.


Content Rating: 16+ Color Mode: CMYK
Size: A5Resolution: 300DPI


  • All contributors are guaranteed a PDF copy of the zine.

  • If sales permit, contributors will also receive a physical copy of the zine.

  • Contributors may purchase any merchandise produced at production cost.

Meet the Mods


Mod Apps Open - March 24 - April 9

Contributor Apps - April 5 - May 2

Creation Period - May 10 - August 8

Pre-orders Open - August 23 - October 15

Production - September

Shipping - October/November
Note: Exact dates are subject to change in the event of emergency or production delays.

Participant Expectations

  • All participants must be 18 years of age or older at the time of application, reliable, respectful, honest and communicative.

  • All participants must notify the Project Lead as soon as they are aware they won’t be able to make a deadline.

  • No hate speech, discrimination, incest, pedophilia, major/minor shipping, or excessive violence will be tolerated in the server or in zine submissions.

Contributor Expectations

  • Contributors will be assigned a section and must get pitches approved before beginning work to ensure that no two submissions are alike. (Contributors may change their pitch at any time if their original idea does not work out.)

  • Contributors will have three months to complete their submissions (with three progress checks during that period).

  • Contributors may not publish their full submissions or reproduce their zine submissions commercially until three months after all physical orders have shipped.

Page Illustrators
Page Illustrators are expected to contribute 2-4 pages of full-color content. This can be:
one spreadtwo spreadstwo single-page illustrationsone spread and one single page illustrationAll files must be submitted as a PSD or TIFF file in CMYK color profile. Templates will be provided.

Comic Artists
Page Illustrators are expected to contribute 2-4 pages of drawings with clean lines and greyscale or halftone shading. Color is optional.
All files must be submitted as a PSD or TIFF file in CMYK color profile. Templates will be provided.

Writers are expected to contribute a Kuvira-centric one-shot between 1500 and 3000 words.

Merch Artists
Merch artists will be assigned certain items the mods think will suit their style best. This may include Desktop or Phone backgrounds, emojis, printables, prints, stickers, and charms.

Spot Artists
Spot Artists are expected to contribute 4-6 pieces of spot art depending on size and complexity of each piece of spot art. A piece of spot art may be something like, a sword along the side of a page, a bowl of rice on a plain table, a tree atop a hill in the bottom corner of a page, or a small illustration that fades out into the text with little to no background.

General App Requirements

  • All work samples included in the application must be entirely your own. No collaborations (such as "I did the sketch and lines and my friend colored).

  • If linking a Google Drive Folder for your portfolio, we must have permission to access the drive. Either set the folder to "Anyone with a link can view" or share it directly with [email protected] BEFORE linking it. If we cannot view your portfolio or work samples, we will not judge your app.

  • Page Illustrators will be judged on overall scene composition, lighting, shading, use of color, and anatomy. Full backgrounds are preferred. Solid color or gradients do not count as a full background.

  • Spot Artists will be judged on use of color, anatomy (if applicable), level of realism and stylization. Backgrounds are not required!

  • Spot Artists will be judged on use of color, anatomy (if applicable), and stylization. At least one sample with a background is required!

  • Writers will be judged on their characterization, plot, pacing, and their command of the English language.

The Team So Far


99N - Project Lead, Finance
Zine Experience
Tumblr | Twitter | Instagram | FF.Net | AO3

Pew - Graphic Design Mod
Tumblr | Instagram

Mer - Beta Reader/General Mod
Twitter | Ao3

Lia - Formatting

Guest Contributors

Kuvira-Protege - Artist
Tumblr | Instagram | Webtoon (A Second Chance)

Nikkipet - Artist
Tumblr | Twitter | Instagram | DeviantArt | ArtStation

Mashersan - Artist
Tumblr | Twitter | Instagram | Patreon | Webtoon (Young Kuvira)

Takamatsu-kun - Artist
Tumblr | Twitter | Carrd

Kilo-Charlie7 - Artist
Tumblr | Instagram

Saigneux - Artist
Tumblr | Twitter

LimeGreenBunny - Artist
Tumblr | Instagram | DeviantArt | Ao3

Czermi - Artist
Tumblr | DeviantArt | ArtStation


Goldfyshie927 - Writer
Tumblr | Twitter | AO3

Larissel - Writer
Tumblr | Twitter | AO3

Regie027 - Writer
Tumblr | Fanfiction.net | AO3

The-hopefulpenguin - Writer
Tumblr | AO3

C.Art - Merch Artist
Kari - Merch Artist
Tumblr | Twitter

Nines - Page + Merch Artist
Tumblr | Twitter | Instagram

Chevitary - Page Artist
Tumblr | Instagram | Portfolio

CristinaSoile - Page Artist
Tumblr | Instagram

Eva Togonon - Page Artist

Petricorah - Page Artist
Tumblr | Twitter | Instagram

Rhistr8 - Page Artist
Instagram | Website

Rhizlane LK - Page Artist
Instagram | Vimeo

Sunbeargirl - Page Artist
Twitter | Instagram

Alex L - Spot Artist
Twitter | Instagram | Portfolio

HoneyTea_x - Spot Artist
Tumblr | Twitter | AO3

Grinux - Spot Artist
Tumblr | Twitter | Instagram

Pinytree (Spot + Page Artist)
Tumblr | Twitter